Reflecting on our most current musical identity, full of concert experiences with the world's giants of free improvisation, we decided to celebrate the anniversary of our artistic work with a series of fully improvised concerts in a trio format. This formula was explored by us during numerous concert activities with the participation of invited guests. The repertoire of our trio concerts has so far been based primarily on compositions that we treated as a starting point for collective exploration.

We have known each other for many years, we constantly surprise each other, inspire each other and drive each other to action. We are independent and filled with the joy of spontaneous creation, we invite our listeners to a joint adventure, the starting point of which will be... Exactly, unfettered FREEDOM


Łukasz Ojdana

Representative of the youngest generation of European musicians. An artist who perceives the culture of sound and the personality of the creator as the superior building blocks of an expressive musical character, in which inspiration clearly distances the notion of imitation of the masters' style. The young pianist's inspirations extend to the broad issue of art, touching the areas of literature, philosophy, theater and spirituality.

Maciej Grabowski

A representative of Polish compositional thought, in which he synthesizes the clear influences of compositional techniques characteristic of the Lutosławski or Penderecki language with musical erudition and double bass virtuosity. Garbowski, engrossed in the music of twentieth-century composers, explores the issue of melody and harmony, weaving into it Slavic lyricism and original character filled with sensitivity and subtlety.

Krzysztof Gradziuk

An esthete of percussion sound, colorist and melody creator, an uncompromising artist looking for new paths of development in harmony with his own sense of artistic taste. The abstract nature of the percussion content in combination with flexibility and virtuosity intensifies the impression of unconventional playing art, describing the artist as one of the most original drummers of the contemporary European music scene.